Zuiver [adjective] means ‘Pure’ in Dutch. ‘Zuiver’ to us means clean, pure and true designs for everyone, but not just anyone. Born in 2011 and rooted in Westzaan - a little village northwest of Amsterdam, The Netherlands - we believe that creativity makes the world more comfortable. Creativity can take the world to places we never imagined, but the most important place of all will always be home. Creating a safe haven, where you can calm down and be yourself. To make your own space as comforting as can be and evoke a sense of home. With our contemporary range of furniture, lighting and accessories we bring forward-looking materials, ideas and designs into any home. Tomorrow’s designs for today’s interiors.

Despite our success, we are always working to improve, including our processes. That is why we also currently want to welcome a strong Product Owner to help us with this.

As a Product Owner you ensure that our digital products such as web shops, image bank and dealer environment continue to develop and you also have a pioneering role in new technical projects that have yet to be defined.

What are you going to do with us?

  • Your start at Zuiver Group will be all about the implementation of a PIM system. PIM is a tool with which we manage our product information. All data comes together here and is communicated from there to various distribution channels. The PIM system is an important part of realizing our growth ambitions. You will be at the helm of this project and also prove your worth as a cooperating foreman / woman.

  • The Zuiver Group is undergoing a digital transformation, including the launch of 4 new web shops in recent years. These web shops need maintenance and must be further developed both commercially and in a user-friendly way. You are the point of contact and in the lead to coordinate and realize this.

  • You know what wishes are important within the organization. You know how to translate these wishes into concrete development tasks for the roadmap. Add a new return module to the shop? You know exactly whether this fits the schedule.

  • You are also the point of contact for external parties such as our digital agency that has built and further developed our websites. You discuss the plans with them and ensure that we achieve great results together.

What does an average working day look like?

Monday morning 09:00, the daily stand-up with our digital agency starts. Exciting, we have developed great new features with which we can boost the conversion on Zuiver.com. After the stand-up you will test the new features and roll them out to the live environment if successful. At 11 am you have a meeting with Jelle, Head of Brands. We want to fill the new brochures for next year with information from the PIM system. Is this already possible, is it on the roadmap or does it still need to be developed? You make an inventory of the wishes and get started with a plan of action to realize this. After lunch you enter your bubble. With headphones on, you walk through the backlog and see to what extent all tickets are

be complete and clear, you also immediately prioritize because next week the next sprint will start again. At 16:00 you will receive a message via Slack that everything is in production. After an hour of testing, you will see that everything on the website is still functioning properly and it is time to shut down your computer.

Who are we looking for?

  • You have at least 2 years of experience in the role of Product Owner. This role is not new to you, we can immediately let you go in the organization.

  • You have soft skills and you can talk well with various profiles within an organization. In practice, this means that you can just as easily understand a creative person from Brands, but also a figure-driven person from logistics.

  • You speak understandable language and are communicatively strong, if you say something you make sure the other person understands this too. This is important when, for example, you explain technical tickets to developers, they must know exactly what to do.

  • Technical knowledge of digital products is a big plus. For example, feeds and API links are familiar territory for you. You don't have to build a stock feed yourself, but you understand how it works.

  • An eye for detail is important. When new tickets are delivered, you check whether this is in accordance with the agreement and whether the solution is exactly as you or your stakeholders had in mind.

  • You take initiative, it is up to you to spot opportunities and offer a concrete solution for this. For example, you hear that customers cannot pay via Ideal in the dealer login. Missed opportunity, you will discuss this directly in your next meeting with our agency.

  • You are decisive and dare to make your own choices in the interest of the organization with the stakeholders in mind.

  • Experience with the e-commerce platform Magento is a welcome addition

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  • Dienstverband:full time
  • Locatie:Amsterdam Region
  • Salaris:4000-5000 p.m.